Tesseract Center Posters

Brianna jenkins freedomsummerschool poster

Poster for "Freedom Summer School", a summer class where students would create games that explored the civil rights movement in Arkansas from various perspectives.

Brianna jenkins everythingandmore poster

Poster for "Everything and More", a class where students played a set of independent games and explored how they deal with body, agency, and identity.

Brianna jenkins eveninginpompeii poster

Poster for "An Evening in Pompeii", an event the Tesseract center hosted with the UofA classics department.

Brianna jenkins gamedesigni poster

Poster for the Tesseract Center's Game Design I class, where students are introduced to the basics of Game Design as well as introduced to all multiple aspects of game creation in the Unity Engine.

Tesseract Center Posters

During my time at the Tesseract Center, I've also acted as the in-house graphic designer. This is a sampling of posters advertising our classes that I've designed.