Saeculum: UI

Brianna jenkins arc3 virtue1

As the player progresses through the game, they gain experience in four different roman virtues, unlocking various talents. Combined, they show the player's overall progression and reflect the choices the player has made.

Brianna jenkins arc3 objective1

In the player's codex information about places, people, and events, they have encountered is collected, as well as current objectives. This is stylized as a wax tablet, common in the Roman empire as a portable and reusable writing surface.

Brianna jenkins arc2 domus2

When players speak to characters they are presented different speech options with different emotional impacts. As pictured, these are coded with representative icons done in a mosaic style.

Brianna jenkins arc2 catena1

The Catena menu illustrates the relationships between the people the player has met and themselves. It also signals what virtue bonuses the player can gain from completing objectives linked to different characters.

Brianna jenkins arc2 client1

Throughout the game the player can gain clients, who they can send on missions for rewards and slaves, which bring in a passive income. This menu allows the player to manage them.

Brianna jenkins arc2 opes1

The opes menu teaches players about Roman building projects by allowing them to spend collected resources to construct various real-world methods of connections. If done well, the exchange is beneficial. It's largely stylized as a parchment drawing.

Brianna jenkins arc2 debate2

Throughout the game players are required to participate in debates with various Roman figures to engage them further with the historical and political material. This shot is an example of one of those debates, and it's UI.

Saeculum: UI

For Saeculum, though I did not design the UI, I was the primary artist for the UI assets. The visual design concept for the UI is somewhat diegetic but mainly was to mimic materiality that referenced what existed in the Roman Empire; metals, wood, wax, parchment, mosaic patterns, etc.